Find locally grown, healthy food

We provide easy access for anyone to find local fresh food and inform purchasing decisions with transparency into the who / what / when / where - so you can focus on staying healthy.

Bring your food to the local marketplace

The important relationship between food producers and individual customers is at the heart of the TerreLocal platform. We operate a transparent marketplace to offer your products and grow your business.

Serve the highest quality local food

When it comes to good food, not much compares to a meal made from fresh, local, in-season ingredients. In cities across the country, chefs and grocers are offering delicious food sourced from local farmers and artisans. Using TerreLocal, you can tap into the local food movement and improve the quality of your food service.

Our Team

Rajnish Khanna

Ph.D., Plant Biologist

Sarah Wally

Food System Designer

Michael Kemper

Platform Developer

Maxime Billet

Author, Founder of Imagine Food,Seattle, WA

Robb Pryor

Marco Montanari

Application & Data Architect, Italy

Allison Murphy

Social Media & Marketing

Graham Richards

Advisory Board

Harold McGee


Sarah Wally

Ph.D., Plant Biologist

Prof.Dr. Wolf Frommer

Director, Dpt. Plant Biology, CIW, Stanford

Prof. Winslow Briggs

Director Emeritus, Dpt. Plant Biology, CIW Stanford

Prof. Pamela Ronald

Dpt. Plant Pathology Genome Center, UC Davis

Raoul Admchak

ATeaches Organic Farming at UC Davis

Maxime Bilet

Author, Founder of Imagine Food, Seattle, WA